African American history

Drawing on information from class readings and discussions, compare and contrast David Walker, Maria Stewart, Henry Highland Garnet, and Frederick Douglass regarding their views on slavery/oppression and liberation. Next, examine the similarities and differences in the ideologies of accommodation, integration, Black nationalism, and Pan-Africanism utilizing the social and political thought of Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells, W.E.B. DuBois, and Marcus Garvey. Imagine that you are an African-American that lived during the early 20th century. What are some of the racial, economic, political and social conditions and problems would you face and which would be your greatest concern(s)? In your opinion, which philosophy and leader(s) provided the most effective solution to the problems faced by African-Americans in the early 20th century? Explain.
Instructions: Your response must be at least five (5) double-spaced typed pages (i.e. 115 lines in 12’ point font with normal margins). Your name and the course information should be placed on a separate cover sheet. Your name should not appear on any other page in the response.

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African American history
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