You have been hired as a Community Health Manager

8. Describe health issues of the Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults.
9. Explain Demographic variables that affect Older Adults and their health profiles and needs.
10. Explain the impact of diverse population in US as it relates to community health and their specific health needs.
11. Review causes of mental disorders and their types.
12. Describe factors that contribute to Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug use.
13. Explain the US healthcare system.
14. Describe man-made and natural disasters that cause air, water and environmental pollution.
15. Explain Cost of injuries to the society.
16. Describe Occupational and Health Acts and Resources for preventing work place injuries.


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You have been hired as a Community Health Manager
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The final project should be 40-50 double-spaced pages formatted in APA format containing cover page and reference pages.

The cover page should contain the following centralized information:

Title of the project paper: Role and Responsibilities of a Community Health Manager

Your name:

Course code and title: HSM 735 VAL – Community Health Management

Professor’s Name: Mohammad Bajwa

Program Name: MBA in Health Services and Risk Management

College Name: Metropolitan College of New York

Date of Submission:

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