What am I expecting

What am I expecting in this essay?

Let’s review the essay prompt –

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What am I expecting
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  1. Two articles – one popular source/one academic source
  2. Comparison and contrast approach
  3. Rhetorical analysis through credibility, reliability, accuracy, authority
  4. Examination of lexis, syntax, organization of texts
  5. Length: 6 – 8 pages

What have we discussed:

  1. Requisite inclusion of student’s name, Name of class, title of assignment, Name of professor, date and Heading with pagination.
  2. Selected form of comparison – horizontal or vertical / block or side by side consistent throughout essay
  3. Selected texts for analysis meet CARS test.
  4. Introduction opened with rhetorical question, shocking statistic or compelling quote
  5. b) Introduction to evidence clear, concise thesis statement
  6. Body paragraphs include appropriate transitional expressions
  7. b) Include writer’s voice, quotes, paraphrases or summaries for support
  8. c) explanatory statement to indicate significance of support to justify/verify point
  9. Structure of paragraphs indicate examination of each point within each selected text
  10. b) lexis
  11. c) syntax
  12. d) organization
  13. e) credibility
  14. f) reliability
  15. g) accuracy
  16. h) authority
  17. Appropriate in-text citations utilized to reference every quote, paraphrase or summary
  18. Conclusion introduced with requisite transitional expression
  19. b) revision of thesis statement
  20. c) review of key points
  21. d) persuasive final statement
  22. Works Cited given on separate page
  23. b) is complete,
  24. c) alphabetized,
  25. d) accurate.
  26. Evidence of revision and proof reading
  27. b) no Word grammar prompts
  28. c) grammar or spelling errors have been corrected.
  29. d) In-text citations and Works Cited have been correctly formatted

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