Walk In The Woods

Essay 2 – “Walk In The Woods”

  • Due Nov 29 by 11:59pm
  • Points 200
  • Submitting a file upload

Analysis of personal and/or professional conflict utilizing the “Walk in the Woods” framework.

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Walk In The Woods
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Using the “Walk in the Woods” framework, work through a prior or current conflict that you have or are having in your personal life or at work.

You will use the Walk in the Woods format to frame the understanding of the interests of different parties to the conflict, and a model for how you might negotiate a solution.  Students will be expected to prepare their case into a no more then fifteen page , doublespaced paper withreferences and footnotes to the materials and methods covered in the class.


Use APA Format: https://www.scribbr.com/apa-style/format/ (Links to an external site.)

But, I do not need an abstract.

Expected Format:

  1. Introduction – Describe the concept of conflict resolution.  What are various theories/models of conflict resolution.  How does the “Walk in the Woods” (WitW) model address the challenges of conflict resolution.
  2. Description of your conflict – Describe your conflict situation in sufficient detail so the the reader can understand the issues from both side of the disagreement.  (No one reads these but the professor, and confidentiality is maintained.)
  3. Describe the steps of the WitW and how they would apply to your conflict.  With each step, describe why the model is designed as it is, and how this did or could play out within your conflict situation.
  4. Summary Discussion – summarize your process and lessons learned in applying the model







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