Topic Description/Summarize Article…

This assignment is one step, apart of a bigger final paper. This is step one that you must complete in order to accurately, finely complete the full product final paper. This final paper has to do with choosing one play in which we have covered/read within my class all written by William Shakespeare… (King Lear, Macbeth, Cymbeline, or Winter’s Tale) — After choosing one play that you feel most confident in, you must devise/choose a topic to orchestrate the final paper on — speaking/addressing on a certain clear topic using one play.

I will post a pdf document of the FULL directions to this whole final paper, please read it all and then the instructions/directions/ and steps should all become clear to you.

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Topic Description/Summarize Article…
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The first step (this assignment) is for you to choose one play you would like to focus on, choose a specific topic, and summarize a PEER-REVIEWED article you have found that would help build your argument/evidence for his final paper. This FINAL PAPER paper calls to engage with at least 3 peer-reviewed articles, this first step is you finding and summarizing; telling how it would help your paper and how you would use it, ONE article.. for now. Please surf google scholar.

AGAIN, FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IN PARTCULAR, IT CALLS YOU TO WRITE A paper topic description, of at least 300 words. In it you should 1) identify the play you’ll discuss, 2), describe the topic you’ll pursue, and 3) summarize at least one relevant peer-reviewed article that you find that would help your final paper. Note: this means that you will need to have found, read, and understood at least one peer-reviewed article!

Here are the links for all 4 plays so you can choose one;


Please reference towards the pdf document for further information on what is expected. (Topics are listed below in the pdf doc, those will give you an idea for a topic or put your own twist to it or choose one that is listed…)

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