The Law and Economics of Corruption

  • Instructions:


Since this is a literature review on the law and economics of corruption, I have chosen the papers below to be the focus of my paper. You can also refer to other papers if you see it applicable.

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The Law and Economics of Corruption
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I want you to write a paper that is similar to this example paper below. However, this paper is very detailed and long, and I want you to summarize it in a way that only focuses on the important parts in the paper. Specifically, you will find the outline I need you to stick to below.  The topics mentioned in the outline are all found in the example paper.


Example paper:


The main point in this paper is to organize theresearch papers in the field of law and economics to show how these ideas were built upon each other in a more detailed sense. Specifically, what are their starting points, assumptions, key research questions, and final findings?


Main Papers (Resources)


  1. Becker GS. 1968 – Crime and punishment: an economic approach
  2. Becker GS, Stigler GJ. 1974 – Law enforcement, malfeasance, and the compensation of enforcers.
  3. Lindgren J. 1988 – The elusive distinction between bribery and extortion: from the common law to the Hobb
  4. Lindgren J. 1992–1993 – The theory, history, and practice of the bribery-extortion distinction.
  5. Polinsky AM, Shavell S. 2000 – The Economic Theory of Public Enforcement of Law.
  6. Polinsky AM, Shavell S. 2001 – Corruption and optimal law enforcement.


ExtraPapers (Resources)


  1. Rose-Ackerman S. 1978. Corruption: A Study in Political Economy. New York: Academic
  2. Mauro P. 1995. Corruption and growth. Q. J. Econ. 110:681–712


  • Outline of the paper:


  1. Introduction (~ 1 page)


  1. The Literature on Corruption  (~ 1 page)


  1. Basic Economic Analysis of Corruption  (Implications of the Basic Model) (~ 2 pages)


(You don’t need to write any equations in this paper. Just explain the economic reasoning of the model and the implications of it, as mentioned in the example paper.)


  1. Public Choice and Private sector corruption (~ 1.5 pages)


  1. Bureaucratic Corruption  (~ 1.5 pages)


  1. Consequences of Corruption (Macro view) (~ 1 page)


  1. Control of Corruption (~ 1 page)


  1. Conclusion (~ 1 page)

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