The Case of the Woman Who Wouldn’t Sleep

Read the following case sand offer some possible explanations why Miss M is not able to sleep. Support your answer with evidence from the readings assigned.

The Case of the Woman Who Wouldn’t Sleep

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The Case of the Woman Who Wouldn’t Sleep
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Miss M usually sleeps only 1 hour per night. Although she is retired, she keeps busy painting, writing, and volunteering in the community. Although she becomes tired physically, she never reports feeling sleepy. During the night she sits on her bed reading, writing, crocheting, or painting. At about 2:00 a.m., she often falls asleep without any preceding drowsiness, and when she wakes about 1 hour later, she feels wide awake. She came to the laboratory for some sleep tests, but on the first night we ran into a snag. She told us she did not sleep at all if she had interesting things to do, and she found her visit to a sleep laboratory very interesting. She had someone to talk to for the whole of the night. In the morning, we broke into shifts so that some could sleep while at least one person stayed with her. The second night was the same as the first. Finally, on the third night, she promised to try to sleep, and she did. The only abnormal thing about her sleep was that it was brief. After 99 minutes, she could sleep no more.


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