Sport Spectator Behavior

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Sport Spectator Behavior
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Sportsmanship is considered an important part of athletic competition. Athletes are expected to compete fairly, honestly, and respectfully. Should these same principles transfer to sport spectators? Unfortunately, there is much evidence to suggest that sportsmanship is not a consideration for many spectators. For example, in the context of college athletics, former President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Myles Brand, stated the following: “Campuses increasingly have student sections in football and basketball that have taken on the role of ensuring a home court advantage with zealous enthusiasm that sometimes moves from rowdy support to over-the-top vulgarity and violent action” (Brand, 2008, n.p.). Brand stated further, “These behaviors represent a threat to the integrity of intercollegiate athletics…It’s time to address the rising problem” (n.p.).


Do you agree with former President Brand? Is there a problem with sport spectator behavior in college athletics? Should the principles of sportsmanship be upheld by spectators? Or, do sport spectators who pay for tickets have a right to say whatever they want?


This paper should be three to four pages double-spaced. Your response should be supported by a minimum of five references that must come from journal articles or books. You will receive a content score worth 10 points and a writing score worth 5 points.




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