Identifying a significant issue in Film/Media/Video Ethics


The first instructions will relate to all papers. All papers must meet these requirements: -The minimum page length of the paper will be 6 full pages, 12 point font size and double-spaced. Anything short of 6 complete pages is considered short of the requirements and will result in a loss of points. Errors of spelling and grammar will result in a loss of points. -As with other papers assigned for this class, it is a good idea to review the “Writing a Thesis Statement” document in Course Content on Blackboard in order to formulate your analysis, explanation or argument. -Please read this information about developing a research question: -The minimum number of outside sources is 3, and at least 2 of these must be books or scholarly journals. You can use the search function at to find many books and journals that are available entirely online, accessible by using login information.  Film & Media Studies Articles & Databases: Remember that your thesis statement for the final paper will come from the research question, so please devote serious time and attention to sharing and getting peer feedback on your ideas. Option 1 – Identify what you believe to be the most significant issue in film/video/media ethics. This could be a common dilemma media makers face, an emerging issue just beginning to be discussed, or something else. In this paper, your thesis should introduce an analysis, explanation or argument centered on this issue you have selected. Three goals for this analysis, explanation or argument are to provide some background on the issue that puts it in historical context, describe the present state of the issue, and predict a direction the issue is likely to go in the future. Your writing about the past, present, and future of the issue should make clear to the reader that this is indeed a central issue of film/video/media ethics. This next part I also need as it precedes the paper so I need this as well. But this is seperate This is a 350-400 word report that includes 1) your research question 2) your sources 3) a brief statement about how those sources relate to the research question 4) a brief summary of peer feedback That is a lot to cover in such a short report, so feel free to exceed the word count if you want to. Student Logins: vdanos1 Password: Windaura1?  (For use of library research)

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Identifying a significant issue in Film/Media/Video Ethics
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