Hip Hop

Hip Hop is not only a dominant cultural element in America, but has managed to touch various parts of the world and integrate into the cultural fabric of many countries and ethnic groups. Due to its global power and influence, there are some who believe that hip hop is either the root of or major contributor to many of societal problems such as violence and crime (i.e. drugs, violent crimes such as murder, robberies, increase in drug usage, mistreatment of women etc). Some argue that hip hop artists glorify violence and crime making it appealing to those who listen to the music.

Now imagine if all record labels accepted this as truth and were considering censoring hip hop artists and the content of their records. Using the video clips we have watched in class and the articles that have been assigned which demonstrate both the positive and negative sides of hip hop, decide if you support censorship of hip hop artist? In your paper, discuss if you believe hip hop music contributes to crime and violence? Make sure that you discuss how you feel hip hop is contributing positively or negatively to society and the rest of the world?

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Hip Hop
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In answering all of these questions, please use the articles discussed in class, as well as other articles, books, videos etc. that you have found, to support your stance on the topic. Your paper should be 2-3 pages (not including the cover page and works cited page) and should have 2-3 references cited in your paper. Your paper should be Times New Roman, Font 12, double spaced with 1 inch margins. Your cover page should include your name, name of the course, my name and the date. (if you have any questions, please let me know). Good luck!

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