Film/Theatre Paper

For your Film/Theatre paper, pick an actor, playwright, set designer, lighting designer, casting director, post-production artist, director, producer…anything related to the field of film or theatre that has not been covered in another topic (ie, not a singer or a choreographer) and write about their creative process. Don’t just give the person’s bio and describe the works – make sure to find out the process they use when they make work.

You can choose someone from the past or present, someone famous or not. Choosing someone you know can be good because you can interview the person about the creative process behind the work she or he makes. If you choose someone you don’t know, look for interviews or profiles where they discuss how their work happens. Does the artist collaborate with others? What inspires the artist? Have they worked with certain genres or approaches? What steps do they take when they make theatre or films? These are questions that give you information about their process.

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Film/Theatre Paper
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Students will identify an individual who creates theater or film, and research the work and process used by the artist. Students will use interviews, artist statements, and other evidence to support the description of the process.

You may plan to write at least 4 paragraphs – an intro paragraph that includes why you chose this person, at least one paragraph describing the artist and his/her work, at least one paragraph describing the process used by the artist, and a conclusion paragraph. You should create in-text citations or a bibliography to list your sources.

Papers should be 1-2 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font in length (with no more than 1” margins)

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