1. Pick a sport facility/specific sport area on Waldorf’s campus, you feel needs improving.

a. Wrestling Room

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b. Baseball Field

c. Track

d. Etc.

2. It is your job to update the facility to meet current needs of not only the team(s) using the facility, and for those attending events.

3. Provide pictures/drawing that support your plan.

a. Current and future.

4. Research and provide financial information for your plan.

5. Give measurements when appropriate to fully describe you plan.

6. Be as realistic as possible with your plan.

7. You must have the following section in your plan:

a. Introduction

b. Usage/Flexibility

c. Financing/Budgeting

d. Barriers

e. Timeline

f. Management/Maintenance

g. Any other sections you feel will enhance your plan.

8. Feel free to talk with other coaches in the Athletics Department to get their input/ideas.

9. APA Format

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