Ethics of animals

You need to frame your topic in terms of the ethical theories we talked about earlier in the class: consequentialism, deontological ethics, and virtue theory. And you need to consider objections to your position in depth.

Do animals have rights? Or, if they lack rights, should we nevertheless be concerned with their well-being? And, a related question: if eating animals is wrong, is it also wrong to use them in other ways, in biomedical experimentation, or to use them as beasts of burden, or as pets, or for amusement? Is it Ok to use animals as, e.g., seeing eye dogs? Or as drug-sniffing dogs? Or as companions for the elderly? What I’m asking you to consider is the moral status of animals—what are the obligations we owe to them, and why?

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Ethics of animals
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Basically it’s just an ethical paper about animals. Like should we eat them? do they deserve rights?

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