Editing 8 page essay with feedback from 2 writing center

Construct a 7-10 page research paper that presents an answer to your research question.


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Editing 8 page essay with feedback from 2 writing center
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1. First, read over your rough draft. Where are the holes in your information? Where have you included plenty of information but neglected to tell the reader why that information is important?


2. As you collect information to create a more coherent and developed essay, make note of paragraphs that seem “misplaced.” When you’ve assembled as much information as you think you’ll need, integrate it into your essay move it around until it flows smoothly.


3. Check to make sure you have distinguished between your own words and those of sources.


4. Check your parenthetical citations twice and make sure they agree with your works cited page.


5. Proofread for punctuation and other errors. If you have time, leave your essay alone before returning to go over it one last time

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