Community Resource Paper

For this assignment, you will be asked to identify a potential program for implementation in your community. You will inform your decision through a gap analysis. First, you will need to identify the community resources available to older adults in your community. Then, identify where a gap exists. Propose a method for closing this gap, focusing on the needed partners, resources, and scientific literature supporting your decision. Discuss potential outcomes.

The final product should be a 6 to 7-page paper (excluding works cited page, title page, and other supplemental documents) in APA format. The paper must “exceed” or “meet” expectations as set forth on the rubric to receive 250 points (25% of your total grade) and pass the course with a B.

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Community Resource Paper
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The paper should be structured according to the following outline:

Background: You should provide background information on your community. Where is it? How many older adults live in the community? What are their demographics? Use this section to lay the groundwork for justifying your program.

Programs Offered: What programs for aging individuals are offered in your community? What organizations exist? Are all populations targeted? What about marginalized populations? Who offers the programs?

Gap Analysis: Using Wacker and Roberto as a guide, what gap exists? What domain is not being answered? What need is not being fulfilled? Be as specific as possible. Is the gap for a sub-population? Or, is the gap not addressed for the broader population? How is this a gap? Why might this gap exist?

Potential For New Program: Building off your previous three sections, lay the groundwork for a new program. Address where the new program might fit. Explain why there is a gap and how the gap might be addressed. Explain what the new program is and what it will do.

Justification for New Program: Justify the existence of the new program. Identify why the new program is needed. Using peer-reviewed literature, justify the existence of the program. Demonstrate clear outcomes for the program.

New Program Requirements: Describe the requirements for the new program to be successful. Be realistic. Identify what partners would be needed to make the program successful. How might an interdisciplinary team play a role in the program? What resources (e.g., buildings, spaces, etc) are needed for the new program? What funding is needed for the new program? Where will the funding come from? Is there a policy to support the new program? What will be the lead team? Who will implement the new program? Who will deliver services? Who will evaluate?

Potential Program Outcomes: Based on the community and literature, describe the potential outcomes of the program. What factors should be measured? What outcomes are most important? How will you know you have been successful?


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