Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear

write an essay of at least 500 words (number of words must be listed on the top of the essay in order for the Instructor to correct and give a grade)
8 points
ALL ideas discussed (which are not your own) MUST have a SOURCE use Chicago style — either the footnote method or the author-date method. See the description of Chicago style under Announcements. If you fail to give a source, Turnitin will pick that up as plagiarism … more than 3 or 4 instances of ‘plagiarism’ in an essay will be assessed with an F grade. Keep in mind that all ideas discussed must have a source, not only quotations but ANY and ALL ideas which you discuss.
See grading rubric under Syllabus
The content of your essay must be a summary, and an analysis of the ideas discussed in the audio lecture by the Instructor as well as in the book by Frances Moore Lappe’, You have the Power. The focus of your essay ought to be what is fear and what is courage; what types of fear there are; and what are the solutions that she is proposing.

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Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear
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