Bank Comparison Paper

Bank Comparison Paper

You will be assigned two banks. Write an essay that compares the business model and financial situation of the two banks: BankUnited& Customers Bancorp.

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Bank Comparison Paper
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It should have four sections:


How would you describe the banks in terms of their size and the kinds of business they engage in?


From their annual reports, what are the concerns and risks they face?  Are they the same for both banks?  If they differ, how do they differ?

Financial Analysis

Construct simplified versions of their recent balance sheets and income statements.  How are they the same?  How do they differ?  Calculate financial ratios for each bank that you think are important.

Stock Price History

Compare the stock price history for the two banks (along with the S&P 500) over the last five years.




The essay should be no more than six pages excluding charts and figures.  You may make selective quotes from the annual report, but direct quotes should not account for much of the page length; part of the purpose of the report is that you practice writing.  The essay will be graded both on presentation (organization, clarity, correct spelling and grammar, quality of tables and charts) and understanding (have you identified the major issues? is your discussion correct? have you demonstrated an understanding of the major concepts from the class?)


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