Revise essay on the book the educated

Title your paper Educated and put that word in italics as it is a book title.

In the book Educated, Tara Westover remembers  . . . .

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Revise essay on the book the educated
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You use “remember” twice in the first took lines.  Correct to eliminate one of them.

Get rid of the indefinite starters (It is, etc.)

put a space between a word and a parenthesis: for example, along the way (14).

You need more direct quotes from the book.  Also, when you cite a major plot point, you need to give the page number even if you are not quoting from the book directly:  Dukes left town on Monday (14).

When you cite a source, for example, the quotation marks handled like this at the end of the sentence:   . . . blah blah” (14).  You are doing this incorrectly.

At the end, as your last graf, tell me what you thought of the book.  Did you like it? Why or why not?

Revise and resubmit.


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