re Hollywood’s vision of the vampire Dracula in television and movie

Research Paper Rough Draft

Our research paper will have us researching a classic monster of YOUR choice from the list below. The goal will be a persuasive/analytic paper in which you view the monster through a particular “lens”.

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re Hollywood’s vision of the vampire Dracula in television and movie
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Your final paper should contain reliable sources (in MLA format) that support your thesis.

Paper Requirements:

5-7 pages
8-10 sources:
At least four should be drawn from our library databases (Two excellent ones are Bloom’s and Academic Search Premier)
MLA citation

Monster/Creatures (Choose one from this list):

Also included are ideas on the types of “lenses” you might view these creature through. A generic, non-specific, informational paper is NOT acceptable.


Explore the theme of eternal life
Explore the religious themes related to the vampire legend
Explore the historical basis for the Dracula character: Vlad Tepes (known as “Vlad the Impaler”)
Explore a vampire legend from another country
Explore the Victorian time period as it relates to the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker
Explore Hollywood’s vision of the vampire in televsion and movies

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