Psychological Disorders

Discussion- Psychological Disorders
Applying Diagnostic Criteria

Pick one of the mental disorders you learned about this week. Think of a fictional character who you think might fit, at least to some extent, that disorder. Consider cartoon characters, Disney princesses and villains, favorite sitcom characters, etc. Do some more research on the disorder to write up a diagnosis.

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Psychological Disorders
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Describe the disorder your chosen character may have.

Provide at least three pieces of evidence or examples of how or why that character meets the description of the disorder. Be sure to keep the focus on the diagnostic criteria/symptoms presented in your text or an accredited resource like the National Institute of Mental Health.

Discussions require a minimum of 3 posts. The first post is your “initial response” or “Main Post” as this is your “opening or position statement”. It should be about 150-250 words and should include citations/references regarding where you found your information. Then provide a minimum of TWO thoughtful and relevant replies to fellow students. The guideline for a reply post is about 100-150 words. These posts should be relevant, timely, well-written and include citations. This is your chance to show off your knowledge of the Psychological terms, concepts, and principles you are learning about!! While the requirement is 3 posts, additional relevant, timely, and quality replies that add value are strongly encouraged to improve your learning and grade. Remember to integrate scholarly sources into your response, using APA guidelines to cite appropriately.

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