*need 6 page paper and 4 page PowerPoint.

111: Trade Policy Under Trump

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Your Elevator Pitch
• Job interview (Economists)
• Before we start: Two universally true & important Rules
• The Wharton’s rule
• The MECE principle (Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive)

• The most brilliant idea needs motivations.
• Your audience does not care about your topic.
• You have 1-2 slides to change their minds
• Make them count
• Anecdotes
• Facts
• Policy questions

• State a research question/several questions in the Podcast.
• E.g. Policy/counterfactual question: what would happen if…?
• Estimate of an important “deep” parameter: how forward-looking are
• Test of an important theoretical prediction…

This Podcast
• Outline what your podcast is about and why?
• Convey why you have something to add?
• Assume the audience about to leave
• Make sure they walk out with something
• Be tangible but terse

An Example: my job market paper
• Motivation
• Context
• Questions
• Preview of Results
• Main Contributions
• Then Details
• …

if you have any questions, please let me know

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