Memoir Writing plan

create and conduct a 2–4-hour lesson for one or more adults in a classroom or online course

Please note: Your lesson must be created and conducted “in real time,” which means you must actually design and implement in a real setting within the 2-week time frame of this unit. The reality of your project is a critical component for success of this unit and for future analysis steps to follow.

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Memoir Writing plan
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topics include the following:

  • Starting a memoir

You must consider the specific audience for your lesson.

Middle-aged adults in a GED program

To plan adequately and conduct your lesson on specific content for a specific audience, adhere to the following requirements:

  • Identify the learners who will participate in your lesson. Describe the needs and characteristics of these adult learners.
  • List the specific topic that the students will learn during your 2–4-hour lesson.
  • Create and include 1–2 terminal performance objectives for the lesson.
  • Objectives must be written in audience, behavior, condition, degree (ABCD) form and use Bloom’s Taxonomy with appropriate measurable verbs to align with specific Bloom’s cognitive level expectations.
  • Ensure that your objectives include the following attributes:
    • Learner-centered
    • Measurable (no use of “Know”, “Understand”, “Demonstrate understanding”, or “Learn,” none of which can be measured)
    • Appropriate for your adult learners
    • Appropriate cognitive level verbs for your content
  • Create and include 3 active learning activities.
  • Ensure that your active learning activities are as follows:
    • In alignment with the verbs of your terminal performance objectives
    • Appropriate for your adult learners
    • Appropriate for your content
  • If you plan to conduct your lesson for more than one learner, you may wish to include a pair or group activity.
  • Explain your rationale for determining the order in which the activities occur.
  • Using your plan for the active learning activities that you created, include the following:
    • Facilitate learning for one or more adult learners.
    • State the place that the lesson occurred and the exact time that the lesson began and ended.


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