Liroujia nutrition data analysis assignment

MUST read chapter 16 (see attachment) before starting on this assignment


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Liroujia nutrition data analysis assignment
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  1. Review & analyze the inpatient hospital ‘Quality of Food’ scores YTD from Jan 2020 to October 2020. (see attachment)
  • What type of data is displayed?
  • Comment on the trends of the food quality scores, determine the actual percent change from Jan to October
  • Comment on what are the potential factors that are affecting the scores.
  1. Create a performance improvement PDCA plan on what you hypothesized is most significant factor and performance improvement solution(s) to implement .
  2. Review the data from each inpatient report from Jan 2020 to Sept 2020.
  • Comment on the trends of the food quality scores on each patient unit (increase/decrease)
  • Determine the unit(s) that are impacting the overall score most and which unit(s) would the PDCA solution be a priority to be implemented on.

Assignment Instructions:

  • MUST use chapter 16 as reference (see attachment)
  • MUST Answer each question/comment in essay format
  • MUST follow the grading rubric below


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