Lego’s material innovation-Bricks go green

Hello, the topic that I have choosen is Lego’s material innovation- Bricks to go green.
The course name is Economics of Innovation

The project:
Drawing on the various components of the course, students will prepare a research study of a firm, a public sector organization, or a non-government organization. A format and rubric reference document will be posted on Brightspace. The final document must be at least 5 pages in length, as per the policies noted below (plus annexes, charts and graphs, as necessary). A separate title page and a bibliography of at least five sources are required.
The goal of the project is to present a demonstration of the economic theory and rationale for the funding of an innovation (e.g., a new innovative production process, or a new product or service, or an innovative management program) that advances the social, economic or environmental benefits to the firm, the community or the industrial economy, in general.
No more than 15% of assignment or project texts are to be quotations. Citation protocols APA or Chicago may be used.
I have attached some pointers related to the project and some topics (ppt) need to be covered into projects. Please go through the instructions, pointers and the topics’ ppt carefully. Thank you.

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Lego’s material innovation-Bricks go green
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