Language and Tone Analysis Essay

Analyze specific language elements in a selected story. You can choose any of the following stories.
Keep in mind that you will be required to identify a specific amount of allusions, so that should be the basis for selecting a story. You do not want to select one that does not include the amount of requested allusions.
Focus Description: You will identify the following specific language techniques:
1. Symbols (at least 10-15 different symbols). If you list 2 or 3 phrases, objects, words, etc. and indicate that they represent the same idea, then, technically, the 3 objects count as ONE symbol. All symbols should have different interpretations.
2. Allusions (at least 5 different allusions). Please review the lecture notes and videos about allusions. If you are unsure if you are identifying allusions correctly, you can send me an email with the list of five, and I will verify if they are allusions.
3. Ironies (at least 2 different ironies). Please review the lecture notes and videos about the different types of ironies.
4. Simile/Metaphor (at least 2 similes OR two metaphors OR one of each). Again, the lecture notes offer clarification for a simile and metaphor.
5. Your choice (at least 2 examples for your choice of language technique). Keep in mind that language elements also include imagery, foreshadowing, diction, syntax, personification, hyperbole, repetition, dialogue, etc. You can select one of these and offer two examples for it, OR you can select two of the additional elements and include one example for each.
6. Tone shifts—identify the overall tone for the story. Then offer indication of when tones shift. Clearly identify how the tone shifts.


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Language and Tone Analysis Essay
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List of Stories to choose from:


Conrad Aiken-Silent Snow, Secret Snow**


Dorothy Allison
Jason, Who Will Be Famous**


Sherwood Anderson
I Want to Know Why


Margaret Atwood
Death By Landscape


James Baldwin
Sonny’s Blues


Toni Cade Bambara
Gorilla, My Love


Richard Bausch
Letter to the Lady of the House


Ann Beattie


Ambrose Bierce
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


Jorge Luis Borges
Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote


Truman Capote


Raymond Carver


Willa Cather
Paul’s Case


John Cheever
The Enormous Radio


Anton Chekhov


Kate Chopin
Story of an Hour


Joseph Conrad
Heart of Darkness


Stephen Crane
The Open Boat


Ralph Ellison
King of the Bingo Game


Louise Erdrich


William Faulkner
Barn Burning
A Rose for Emily


F. Scott Fitzgerald
Babylon Revisited


Richard Ford


Mavis Gallant**
Ice Wagon Coming Down the Street**


Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The Yellow Wallpaper


Nathanial Hawthorne
Young Goodman Brown


Ernest Hemingway
Hills Like White Elephants


Zora Neale Hurston
The Conscience of the Court


James Joyce
The Dead


Franz Kafka
The Metamorphosis


Yasunari Kawabata
The White Horse


Jamaica Kincaid


Jhumpa Lahiri**


D.H. Lawrence
The Horse Dealer’s Daughter


Ursula K. LeGuin
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas


Katherine Mansfield
The Garden Party**


Bobbie Ann Mason


Guy de Maupassant
An Adventure in Paris


James Alan McPherson
Why I Like Country Music


Herman Melville
Bartleby, The Scrivner


Bharati Mukherjee
The Management of Grief


Alice Munro
Royal Beatings
Miles City, Montana**


Vladimir Nabokov
Signs and Symbols


Joyce Carol Oates
How I Contemplated the World…


Tim O’Brien
The Things They Carried


Flannery O’Connor
A Good Man Is Hard to Find
Good Country People


Frank O’Connor
Guests of the Nation


Tillie Olson
O Yes


Grace Paley**
The Used-Boy Raisers**


Jayne Anne Phillips**
El Paso**


Katherine Anne Porter
The Jilting of Granny Weatherall


Annie Proulx**
What Kind of Furniture Would Jesus Buy?**


George Saunders**
Victory Lap**


Danzy Senna


Isaac Bashevis Singer
Gimpel the Fool


John Steinbeck
The Chyrsanthemums


Amy Tan
Rules of the Game


Leo Tolstoy
The Death of Ivan Illych


John Updike


Helena Maria Viramontes
The Moths


Alice Walker
Everyday Use


Robert Penn Warren
Blackberry Winter
Eudora Welty
A Worn Path


William Carlos Williams
The Use of Force


Tobias Wolff
Bullet in the Brain**


Virginia Wolf
Kew Gardens


Richard Wright
The Man Who Was Almost a Man

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