Human Behavior Social Environment I

Human Behavior Social Environment I

Developmental Paper Instructions

**Need 5 pages with 3 references-See detailed instructions below**

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Human Behavior Social Environment I
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The developmental paper is a case study of individual developmental processes usingyou as the subject. This case study should be approached from a systems perspective, looking at significant milestones in each facet of your biological, psychological, social, cultural and if significant spiritual/religious developmental history. The emphasis of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability to understand your own story of development through the application of developmental frameworks, and not on self-disclosure. This paper need not become a confessional, and you should not self-disclose any information about which you areuncomfortable.


This assignment has a direct bearing on the ethical practice of social work. Social Workers are obligated to take responsibility for their own ethical conduct, and to seek opportunities for continuous growth and self-awareness; to include clarification of personal values, and knowledge of personal development are essential to these activities.


This assignment is not simply a narrative of your life. This is an analytical paper with a clear conceptual framework. You may discuss yourself in the third person if you wish.


  1. You will need to decide on a structure for this presentation and may draw on various developmental frameworks we have read and discussed.

For example, you might use a family systems perspective(chapter 7 powerpoint)to frame your discussion of your development or any of the theories we have covered throughout the semester. Comment on how

  • risks
  • vulnerability
  • resiliency and
  • protective factors may have influenced your development.


  1. In addition, to including Erickson’s life span development theoryandAttachment theory(chapter 12 power point)
  • You will select an additional theoryto apply in examining your development. You can use the book and journal articles to support your points.


  1. Conclude the paper by addressing your decision to enter the social work profession.
  • How does this decision relate to any of the significant features of your development within your environmental context and from a diverse perspective including race, ethnicity, culture, language, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
  • What were the significant events both positive or negative that impacted you today and your decision to be a social worker.
  • What do the aforementioned theories say about your past and present development?
  • What can you do to continue to evolve in the person you want to become?


Please utilize the following outline as you develop your paper and follow APA 7th edition guidelines:

  • Coverpage
  • Abstract –Narrative(I will write)
  • Table ofcontents
  • Introduction (your presentself)(I will write)
    • Gender, age– Female, 45 y/o
    • Residence-MD
    • Race/Ethnicity- African American/Not Hispanic
    • Social class, economic class-
    • Sexual orientation-Heterosexual
    • Religiousaffiliation- Christian (Non-Denominational)
    • RelationshipstatusSingle- Never Married
    • EmploymentUnemployed
    • Educationalhistory- Associates- Paralegal Studies, Bachelors- Social Work, Masters-Social Work-ongoing
    • Any other pertinentinformationSingle mother of one child
  • Background information of you growing up (your pastself)-(I will write)Oldest and only girl of 4 children, military brat
    • Explain the historical context of the population group in the U.S.(optional)
    • Familyhistory
      • Familycomposition- Stepfamily-Mother remarried-had 2 boys
      • Children-4 children (1 girl, 3 boys)
      • Relationships
      • SES growingup(Socioeconomic status)
    • EducationalexperienceGraduated high school in Germany from American base
    • EmploymentFirst job at 15 y/o- Fast food
    • Relationships
    • CultureMilitary family life
    • Any major developments (divorce, accident, trauma, achievement,milestones)Parent’s divorced when I was 7 y/o
    • Specialinterests



**From this point forward I need researched and written.Use my basic background information given as needed and build from there, adding details that work for you and the theories.**

  • Biopsychosocial (Erickson’stheory)
    • Developmental milestones (past & present) – do you feel you’ve reachedthese milestonesaccordingly
      • Biological
      • Psychological
      • Social
      • Gender/Sex
      • Racial/Cultural
      • Spiritual/Religious
    • Health behavior (i.e. alcohol, tobacco, drugs – past and present)
      • Nutrition
      • Fitness
      • Recreation
      • Hobbies
    • Physical health (i.e.disabilities)


  • TheoreticalFramework
    • Utilize the 2 theories given by theProfessor and 1 you selected(Erickson’s life span development theory, Attachment theory, and?)


  • Summarize thetheories
  • Applicability to yourdevelopment
  • How do the theories address issues of race, class, gender, sex, religion, urban culture, etc. in yourdevelopment
  • CriticalAnalysis
    • Patterns/Milestones in yourlife
    • Risk & Resiliency (focus on strengthsperspective)
    • Role of diversity in yourlife
    • Has the urban environment impacted yourperspective
  • Conclusion
    • Assessment of what youlearned
    • How have the developmental milestones impacted your decision to enterthe profession
    • What do you “need” to become a better social worker
    • How do your own ethics and values impact you working with individuals from a particularbackground
  • References(3 references needed)

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