How treaty law affect international business transactions


The word count required from a student that works individually is 2000 words Tip: if you ran out of words, you can compare the laws related to your topic in 2 or 3 different countries. Also, you can get a case related to your topic and analyze it. The rubric of the paper is: Organization and accuracy: 5% The paper is organized and well-structured. The paper has a good flow starting from the introduction till the conclusion. The introduction includes a clear research question. Argument and Content: 20% The paper explains the concepts and laws clearly. The paper includes reasonings, opinions, and examples. Sources and integration: 5% The paper meets the required number of Academic resources. The paper is cited properly. Sources are well integrated in the paper. In-text citation are done well. Since a lot of you have asked for an outline for the paper, here is a SUGGESTED one. You DO NOT have to follow it. – An introduction with a research question. – Definitions and explanations of the law and important terms used in the paper. – The crimes, torts or the problems that this law tackles – The effect of these crimes, torts, or problems on the society. – How this law is supposed to tackle these crimes and torts. – The benefits of this law on the society – Conclusion.

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How treaty law affect international business transactions
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