How I Will Support My Students’ Efforts to Participate and Persevere

Topic 6. How I Will Support My Students’ Efforts to Participate and Persevere

My original paper is below, please look into my paper and answer the questions below, ( so it will look like my work), then you will add on to the answers found in my paper.

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How I Will Support My Students’ Efforts to Participate and Persevere
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•How will I speak with and interact with my students?
•How will I make sure students know what they are expected to do?
•What types of activities will I emphasize in teaching?

•How will I engage students actively when I am providing instruction?
•How will I monitor and help students when they are doing independent work?

•How will I use my personal charisma to influence behavior?

•How will I use my body language to influence behavior?
•How will I influence students to do high-quality work?


How I Will Support My Students’ Efforts to Participate and Persevere

· How I will speak with and interact with my students

Teachers and instructors are responsible for making decisions and facilitating interaction between them and students. Educators at different places are all involved in the interactions with their students. The interactions differ concerning the type of communication built. I will improve communication with my students by providing emotional support, which refers to how educators can develop a warm environment, support the students, and make them feel comfortable while in the classroom.

Organization in the classroom, organizing the classroom will enable students to get the most out of the learning day. This medium involves how teachers actively engage students in classroom interaction and maximizing learning opportunities. The educators can also achieve positive interactions with students by giving back feedback to students and supporting them in using language.

· How will I make sure students know what they are expected to do?

I will post expectations on the first day. Students need to be informed of what is expected of them academically, and socially. Classroom rules will be posted, and students will be informed of target grades. Achievement contracts can also be designed for each student, highlighting what the student promises to deliver. The Achievement contract will help students focus on their coursework because they now know what targets they have to meet.

Leadership, little can happen in the classroom without leadership. If teachers allow the classroom to be interrupted regularly, this will become the norm, and the classroom will deteriorate. I will assert leadership as soon as possible. Teachers should exercise authority and avoid being friends with a student. Befriending students will lead to unethical behaviors and a lack of discipline.

· What types of activities will I emphasize in teaching?

Thinking, pairing, and sharing involves setting a problem relating to a given topic then pairing up students. I will give my students enough time to research and come up with a conclusion, then allow them to share their findings with the other groups. Brainstorming will generate creative ideas and thoughts. The importance of brainstorming is, it allows students to work together and learn from each other. Students will come up with great ideas, and it will improve their learning skills. I will allow students to debate about a topic. The students should be able to defend their opposing points. Debating encourages them to understand the point of view of others and their own. Critical thinking, students will be involved in activities that allow them to think rationally. It will enable them to discern links between different ideas (Radulović, & Stančić 2017). They will be able to know the importance of ideas and facts.

· How will I engage students actively when I am providing instruction?

Instructors can engage students actively by connecting what they are teaching to real-life situations. The interests of students should be recruited in the learning process, allowing them to understand the lesson. Learning should be made to feel authentic, relevant, and valuable.

Using daily examples. The easiest way to engage students actively is by using practical examples of everyday life, for example, applying a math concept to manage finances and relating biology with daily nutrition. I will allow the students to have choices. Concentration and engagement will increase when students are allowed to be autonomous in learning. They can be allowed to dictate the pace by giving them the freedom to choose a starting point. For example, in a chemistry class, students could be allowed to solve the problem from the easiest one to the most complicated.

· How will I monitor and help students when they are doing independent work?

Monitoring seatwork. Researchers compare students’ performance by evaluating the teachers who did class monitoring, and those who did not students of teachers who monitored their work had a better understanding. Monitoring involves supervising the student, giving guidance, and solving difficult course work (Xerri, Radford, & Shacklock, 2018). Frequent interaction with the students will also increase the trust of the students in their teachers. I will monitor homework. Teachers can liaise with parents to ensure that the assignments given are completed. Homework yields positive results if the task is related to the course work. The lesson given by the teacher is the ability of the students. I will make sure my students understand the homework assigned. Implementing classroom review can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Reviewing the class work with the students will enable them to understand their strengths and weaknesses accordingly.

· How will I use my personal charisma to influence behavior?

The charisma of a teacher is essential to the students learning. If students do like their teacher, they will not attend the teacher’s class. When the students enjoy the course, they will quickly understand the subject, positively impacting their performance. I will prioritize the building of a positive relationship with my students. The relationship becomes dynamic, and it requires a lot of effort for the teacher to build a personal relationship with the students. Charismatic teachers have empathy for their students. Empathy usually shows the emotional intelligence of a person. Empathy is one of the elements that a charismatic teacher should possess. Teachers should try to put themselves in the students’ shoes and to understand their perspective.

· How will I use my body language to influence behavior?

Incorporation of words and body language will make the message sink deep. The use of body language achieves effective communication. Maintaining eye contact is one-way teachers can influence their students’ actions (Frunza, 2018). Students will pay close attention when they notice you are speaking directly to them. Using gestures and being expressive will inspire students to be engaged in class. Creating a warm environment will result in excellent teaching; thus, students will produce high-quality work. Speaking to students expressively while encouraging them to believe in themselves will be significant in improving their grades. Besides, revisiting old classwork is essential to identify the areas; students are excellent and need improvement. I will follow up by giving feedback and analyzing the topics they did not grasp. Combining the above processes will enable teachers to produce the best students.

· How will I influence students to do high-quality work?

Excellent teaching involves getting high-quality work from students. First, the students have to be encouraged to believe in themselves and their abilities. High-quality can be achieved if teachers visit students’ old work routinely. It will help identify gaps and improve where necessary. Students should be given feedback regarding their performance. This means giving back the right feedback that will enable them to improve their grades. Lastly, high quality in students can be achieved by breaking complicated course work into small bits.



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***** This is the rubic for this paper
*Paper clearly, concisely and thoroughly indicates what the writer plans to do as part of normal behavior to help students remain engaged in lessons and refrain from misbehaving. Length of response: 250 words

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