Gender within family or other

Family/Marriage Short Paper – DEC 3 – 20% of grade

Purpose:  To consider an aspect of family and/or marriage, chosen from a short list of topic areas.

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Gender within family or other
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  1. Organization of contemporary marriage
  2. Families facing major health issues
  3. Gender within the family
  4. Alternate concepts of family
  5. Indigenous conceptions of family

Choose from the five broad topic areas and focus on an aspect of your choice.   Drawing on sociological research, compose a properly researched and references over view of the topic in question.   Perhaps focus on a particular problem or finding within the research such as gendered approaches to chores, child care, etc.  Or provide an over view of the major debates within a particular area.  For example, some research suggests lesbian and gay marriages are more egalitarian; is this the case?  Much has been made of the emergence of a new, more engaged approach to fathering; does research support this?  The state offers many supports for families; are there inadequacies for families facing a health crisis.

Format:You are to use at least eight academic sources.  10 double spaced pages plus a title page with your name, course code, etc.  Use standard margins, approx. 1” on the sides and 12 pt Times Roma font.  Use proper ASA reference style.  Remember to reference both direct quotes AND any facts, concepts ideas, etc. for any references.  Keep an electronic copy of your work and no, I cannot accept assignments via email.  At least six sources.

*Wikipedia, media sites, personal blogs, general sociology sites etc. are not sufficient as sources. They may add interesting insights, examples, etc. but these are not sufficiently academic.

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