Freiburger Bächle

The course discusses theories of landscape as urbanism. Each lecture explores these theories through three themes; political economy, material culture, and subject formation. The content of each lecture is supplemented with a range of different urban case studies. These cases illustrate theoretical premises found in specific historical and physical contexts.


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Freiburger Bächle
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For the final project in the course, students will develop a 10- to 12-page Design Research Dossier that focuses on a particular case study subject. The dossier will be formatted similar to the lectures presented throughout the semester. The design research dossier will be structured through three narratives; (1) a singular material economy and its urbanized region; (2) a specific design project of landscape architecture; and 3) a particular form of subject formation. The narrative of the city and landscape project must have been influenced by the material economy described. Students will develop an argument about their chosen material and urban case using a synthesis of textual analysis, visual analysis, and graphic materials of their own creation.


> Textual Analysis

This design research will include a brief written narrative centered around the material economy and how that economy formed both the built environment and impacted contemporary design culture. Students should develop and explain their understanding of the themes identified above in their analysis of their chosen case. Students will avoid attempting to construct meta-narratives and instead will focus a specific case which renders the material economy legible through a landscape project. The written text will be approximately 1,000 words in length. All referenced materials must provide proper citations. Students will use Chicago Manual of Style with endnotes.

This Design Research Dossier should include:


> An introduction presenting the argument of the dossier (2-3 paragraphs);

> A literature review summarizing important written works relevant to the chosen case (2-3 paragraphs);

> A brief textual analysis, 1,000 words, component that elaborates the student’s argument and explains the visual materials presented;

Ps: the chosen material and urban case that I focus on is Freiburg Bächle, and I’ve written a draft but every sentence is copied from other sources,try to edit it and form a strong theme of my own

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