Financial Statement Analysis

ACCT 2102 Chapter 13 Class Project Outline

Financial Statement Analysis

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Financial Statement Analysis
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A major accounting function is to interpret information and advise clients. The analysis of financial statements is used to evaluate the competitive position of a firm. The analysis looks at financial ratios in addition to a number of other internal and external factors.

Outline and Tasks:

1. For the purpose if this project students will obtain a set of public financial statements. Amazon, Walt Disney and many other companies make their information public.

2. Students will then compute ratios found in Chapter 13 of the text. For full credit students must compute three (3) liquidity, three (3) profitability, and three (3) solvency ratios. The ratios must be for two consecutive fiscal/calendar years. Use Excel with formulas to show your work. These will be your strengths and weaknesses (internal areas of improvement).

3. Students will then write a memo describing their findings and what they mean. This should be one (1) page single spaced.

4. A grading rubric is in a separate file.

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