Final assignment


12 pt. font, double spaced. Make sure to add your word count for each answer. Word count limits must be observed.  PART I: Definitions : Answer all of the following in your own words (no quotations allowed), with correct and thorough source citations:  Instructions:  a) Define the term  b) Briefly explain the relevance of the term in relation to course material c) Give ONE illustrative example of the term, explaining briefly how it applies Your example may be drawn from whatever sources you choose, e.g., course readings, lectures, etc. 1. Colonial tropes of animalization. Word count maximum: 300 words.  2. Normalization vs. Naturalization.  Word count maximum: 300 words.  3. Nature-nurture debate.  Word count maximum: 300 words. 4. Eugenics.  Word count maximum: 300 words.  PART 2: Essay question  Instructions: Using only course material, with thorough and correct source citation, answer the

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Final assignment
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