Field Work Assessment & Time Sheet

For this assignment, you are being asked to draft a narrative (written or visual) assessment of your field experience (will upload all the written work I’ve done for Field work for you the writer to look over).

Write A 3-4 page written summary of your observations.

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Field Work Assessment & Time Sheet
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What you will need to demonstrate in this assignment is your ability to synthesize a field experience in a way that details how data analysis and decision are implemented in the environment you chose for your field experience.

Some things to consider are:

What data methodologies were evident (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods);

Why was the data collected (i.e., what was the process or question driving the research project);

How did those individuals you came into contact with feel about using data to make decisions;

What were some of the challenges you noted and;

What were the results of your field experience (i.e., did you get to finish the project or is it still ongoing, what did leadership decide to do with the results, etc.).

****Need to create a field hours TIME SHEET (will upload the hours I spent doing this field work assignment$).


All submissions must be submitted using MS Word, Adobe PDF, Youtube, Prezi, or Powerpoint;
Please use Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial fonts;
For visual submissions, please use neutral or primary color palettes;
For video presentations, please upload the link to the Youtube page;
Please use a 12-point font setting if submitting a written proposal;
A title page and headers are not necessary for written proposals;
Submissions must adhere to APA 7th Edition formatting rules for in-text citations and a reference page (when applicable).

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