EN 102 Composition – RESEARCH PAPER



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EN 102 Composition – RESEARCH PAPER
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EN 102 Composition – RESEARCH PAPER


Planning your Research paper 


A successful research paper is more than a well-constructed argument supplemented by facts, figures, and quotations.  Like the good writing that it supports, successful research involves analyzing and critically interpreting literary texts, translating ideas, planning, and reflection.  Each step requires time and attention. Careful planning helps ensure that you will keep your project running smoothly and produce your best work.  You are to think about how you will complete each step and what resources you will use.



  1. Select one of the following topics for your research paper:
    1. What are some arguments in favor of (or against) Incarceration for Cyber-bullying?
    2. Why should (or shouldn’t) the Electoral College be Reformed?
    3. Why should (or shouldn’t) Credit Cards be available for College and University students?
    4. What are some arguments in favor of (or against) Sanctuary Cities receiving Federal Funding?
  2. Be sure to provide your reader/s with enough information (textual examples, etc.) so he or she can follow your analysis. Include the title and the author you are discussing in the first or second paragraph of your paper, if applicable.
  3. Research paper must be 6-8 pages in length (typed, double spaced) and must be argumentative (persuasive) in nature. Paper must use a sufficient number of textual examples – quotations followed by explanation and interpretation.  You are expected to:
    1. Develop effective search strategies, including using key words and electronic sources as well as traditional texts for information,
    2. Evaluate internet sources as appropriate for accuracy, timely, and academic information,
    3. Use sources to support and develop claims and assertions by quoting, paraphrasing and / or summarizing accurately and appropriately, and
    4. Cite sources properly using the MLA citation style, including in-text or parenthetical citations and a WORKS CITED


Critical Dates


September 30       Start Research Paper process


October 7              Submit Research Proposal


October 21           Independent study


October 28           Submit FIRST Draft


November 11        Independent study


December 2           Submit FINAL Draft


December 9           Conference on Research Paper



Project Schedule (Time-line)


* September 30           Choose Topic                                                                          _____

  • Preliminary Research _____
  • Visit Library _____
  • Write Research Questions             _____
  • Write Working Thesis _____
  • Write Research Proposal _____


* October 7                 Submit Proposal                                                                      _____

  • Look for sources (online / library) _____
  • Evaluate Sources (document) _____
  • Take / Organize notes _____
  • Write Outline _____
  • Write First draft _____


* October 28               Submit First Draft                                                                   _____

  • Revise / Edit First Draft _____
  • Visit Writing Center _____
  • Finish editing First draft _____
  • Create Works Cited page _____


* December 2              Submit Final Draft                                                                  _____



Research Proposal









Subject of my Paper:



My Major and why writing about this topic will be beneficial to me:




My Thesis Statement:




Approach to the subject of my paper:



Intended audience:



Graphs or charts:



Documentation style:



Kinds of sources I will use and why they will benefit my paper:



List of (tentative) references:



Status: ( ) Approved

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