Disorders at a Glance

ASSIGNMENT 3- Disorders at a Glance
Disorder At-a-Glance

STEP 1: Pick one of the disorders you read about this week. Visit the National Institute of Mental Health and look through the health topics to find a disorder of interest, read through the information, then scroll to the section on “Research and Statistics” or “Journal Articles or Reports” to find helpful links to credible outside information. Use your textbook as well for details about the prevalence, signs, symptoms, details, and research related to the disorder. Keep track of all of your sources as you investigate.

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Disorders at a Glance
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STEP 2: In a format of your choosing (Infogram, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Google Doc, etc.), create an “At-a-Glance” page that includes the following information about the disorder:

Symptoms/Diagnostic criteria
Causes and Risk Factors

Step 3:

Write a summary of TWO sources of recent research studies on your disorder of choice. In this summary, you should give a brief summary of why the research was done, the main conclusions, and the implications (why do we care about this in our everyday lives?) of the work. How does this research move the current understanding of the disorder further?
Be sure to include the full references to your two sources at the bottom of your work.

The resulting submission should be a 2 – 3 pages (including the at-a-glance page, double spaced with reasonable font and margins). Please check the course schedule for specific due dates.

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