Creating a Flier and Progress Report

Imagine you are posting to Facebook, Instagram, sending an evite or posting to your own personal website. Write up a pretend post on social media for your annual event. Be sure the post provides all of the relevant details one would need to attend the event and is easily understandable for people with varying reading abilities. Be sure to mention the event’s guest speaker, as well. In short, the post should be welcoming, easily understood, and accurately representative of your event.

Peer Responses: Review the posts that 2 of your classmates have posted. Use the following to guide your response to each classmate:

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Creating a Flier and Progress Report
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Do you know what to expect from the event based on the post? Why or why not?
Who will be the guest speaker at the event?
What feedback can you provide for your classmate regarding his or her post?

Reading and Learning Materials

Use the following resources to help you complete this assignment:

Professional Communication in the Workplace: Chapters 1 and 4

Unit 3 Discussion Board Grading Criteria


Maximum Points


Developed a post related to the annual event being held by the company from Unit 1




Post includes the relevant details needed by someone interested in attending the event, including information on the guest speaker




Post is easily understandable for people with varying reading abilities, and appropriately detailed without being too information-dense




Included at least 2 follow-up responses to peers




Peer responses added new depth or insight to the current conversation and encouraged further conversation




Utilized appropriate grammar and spelling







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