Comparison and contrast essay focusing on the Tiwi and Yanomami religion

3rd Cultural Comparison
Take-Home Essay

Given the definition of religion, in Chapter 11 of Culture Counts, “A social institution characterized by sacred stories, symbols, and symbolism; the proposed existence of immeasurable beings, powers, states, places, and qualities; rituals and means of addressing the supernatural; specific practitioners; and change.”[p. 257], compare and contrast the religion and expressive culture of the Tiwi and the Yanomami as described in chapters 13 and 15of Culture Sketches, 6th ed. Write an essay in which you: One, briefly discuss the way(s) in which the Tiwi and Yanomami religions, per the above definition, share myths, symbolisms, supernatural beings, practioners, etc., or are similar or alike in any of these respects. Two, briefly discuss the way(s) in which these religious beliefs and expressions, practices, etc. are dissimilar or unalike in the characteristics of their respective religions. Finally, for each of these cultures briefly describe how their religious beliefs and practices are integrated with and relate to their respective beliefs and practices surrounding illness, sickness, healing, and death.
Completed essays must be turned in no later than the end of class December 7, 2020 There are 60 total possible points, with each of the three sections worth 20 points each. Essays should be no longer than 5 typewritten double spaced pages.

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Comparison and contrast essay focusing on the Tiwi and Yanomami religion
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