Child sexual abuse- child advocacy

To give you an opportunity to further explore a particular topic of interest within the realm of prevention and intervention for child maltreatment, you will write a 3-page paper (not to include title page and references) on your selected topic. You have a variety of choices for your topic, such as:


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Child sexual abuse- child advocacy
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· a specific type of maltreatment along with prevention/intervention programs that address it

· a topic from our syllabus along with prevention/intervention programs that address it

· a specific prevention/intervention program that has evidence-based support in the literature

· other ideas?


Your paper will include at least three (3) references beyond our text and assigned articles. Such references may include book chapters, review articles, and empirically-based journal articles. Internet sites are not acceptable as one of the three required references but may be useful in directing you toward appropriate references related to your topic.


Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font with one-inch margins, and follow the current APA style manual (including a title page, introduction, appropriate headings, and a conclusion).

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