Change the world one step at a time

I will copy and paste the assignment here in the instruction box.

Change The World

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Change the world one step at a time
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1. what is the difference between “What I ought to do?” and “What kind of person should I be”?
2. temperate people do what’s right because they want to do so. The book’s author offers the example of his wife’s eating habits. Provide an example from your own life?
4. what’s eudaimonia?
5. what is Aristotle’s idea of VIRTUE?
6. how does virtur and eudamonia combine in the idea of human flourishing? think of the idea of “uniqueness”.
7. the textbook brings two ideas of flourishing. discuss them.
8. Mention one vice of defect and one vice of defect you really repudiate. Explain why.

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