Womens Gender Studies Writing Assignment

Module 1

Key Terms: Humanities, 2-sex/2-gender system, modern society, social body, binaries/dualism, intersex (adj), transgender (adj), Genderbread person

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Womens Gender Studies Writing Assignment
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Module 2

Key terms: public education, culture of sensibility, school segregation, homemade education, Indian schools, masculinity, adultification bias, Ethnic Studies

Module 3

Key terms: labor power, migration, public/private spheres, “women’s work,” sexual division of labor, “working women,” superwoman ideal, logic of labor power today, push and pull factors, machismo, margins, Chicanx, queer sexualities

Module 4

Key terms: medieval body, body-as-organism, boundaries of the “new body,” monstrosity, reclaiming words, transgender rage, assemblage, affect, new monstrosity, queer kinship



Make sure you answer each part of the prompt. The assignment should be approximately 3-5 paragraphs.

Prompt: Choose two key terms from Modules 1-4 (each should be from a different Module) and provide a definition of each. Then connect these terms to the concept of the cyborg (from either Haraway, Glabau, or Monae). For example, if you are writing about the sexual division of labor, you may ask how the cyborg will change the way labor is divided and why.

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