What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA?


Brief sketch of sequence:

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What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA?
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Attention Step: is where the speaker creates the interest and desire.

Need Step:  is where the speaker describes the problem, analyzes it and relates it to the audience’s needs and desires.

Satisfaction: is where the speaker offers a proposal or a plan that addresses that deficiency while relating it back to the needs and desires of the audience.

Visualization: is where the speaker verbally depicts how the environment will look providing the deficiency is corrected.

Action Step: is where the speaker makes his last call for a commitment.



Attention Step:

Need Step:  make a concise statement. It can be a claim or a central idea. Remember that the statement must orient the crowd with the topic.

–Give one or two illustrations or specific instances of the enormity of the problem.

–Use evidence to justify the urgency of the problem.

–Impress upon the audience how the problem relates to them. Show how it affects them using an account of the issue of how it affects their health.

Satisfaction: Briefly state the belief, attitude, action you wish them to adopt.

— (Statement) Explain your statement clearly to the audience. Use charts plans if it is complex.

–(Explanation) Show how this belief or action logically meets the Need Step.

— (Theoretical Demonstration)Show that has worked in the past (Use facts, expert testimony, etc.)

— (Workability) Show that this solution has worked effectively in the past or this idea has been supported in the past. Use fact, figures, expert testimony to support this workability claim.

–Meet objections. Forestall (anticipate, nip it in the bud, inf. beat them to it)


Visualization Step: Here is where you vividly illustrate the benefits of accepting the proposal or the damage of rejecting this proposal. (The purpose for this step is to intensify the audience members to act, think, or feel a certain way).

In this step you use vivid imagery; create mental images that audience members can see, hear, feel, taste, or smell.

Language of imagery can be divided into seven classes:

  1. Visual (sight) 2. Auditory (hearing) 3. Gustatory (taste)  4. Olfactory (smell)
  2. Tactual (touch) 6. Kinesthetic (muscle strain) 7. Organic (internal sensations)
  3. Texture and shape
  4. Pressure
  5. Heat and cold


Visual– you make the audience see the object or situations you are describing.

Mention size, shape, color, and movement


Listen to the imagery in Washington Irving’s “Essay on Westminster Abbey”:


Ex.  I entered from the inner court of Westminster School, through a long, low, vaulted passage, that had an almost subterranean look, being dimly lighted in one part by circular perforations in the massive walls. Through this dark avenue I had a distant view of the cloisters, with the figure of an old verger, in his black gown, moving along their shadowy vaults, and seeming like a specter from one of the neighboring tombs .  .  .  .  .  .

The sun was pouring down a yellow autumnal ray into the square of the cloisters; beaming upon a scanty plot of grass in the center, and lighting up an angle of the vaulted passage with a kind of dusky slendor. From between the arcades, the eye glanced up to a bit of blue sky, or a passing cloud; and beheld the sun-gilt pinnacles of the abbey towering into the azure heaven .  .  .  .  .  .


Auditory– uses words that help your listeners to hear what you are describing.


Lafcadio Hearn in one of his letters, described the sound made by striking the Chinese gong:


The gong glimmered pale and huge and yellow, like the moon rising over a southern swamp. My friend tapped its ancient face with a muffled drum-stick, and it commenced to sob, like waves upon a low beach. He tapped it again and it moaned like the wind in a mighty forest of pines. Again, and it commenced to roar, and with each tap it grew deeper and deeper, till it seemed like …the crashing of Thor’s chariot wheels. Lesson 9Practical English and Effective Speechpp.22-23


…from the basket’s depth rose the head of a snake. It rose slowly… It rose from its sleepy coil, rearing its long brownish-gold throat dreamily, the head swaying out in languor towards the man’s lips Its eyes seemed to look blindly at nothing. It was a cobra. 75 Short Masterpieces p.59.



Gustatory– uses words that help your audience imagine tasting something.

Olfactory– uses words that help your audience imagine smelling something.

Tactual-uses words that help your audience imagine the way things feel ex. rough, smooth, dry, wet

Pressure imagery- allows them to feel through words ex. such as a heavy laundry bag, beating of

a cold wind on an expose face.

Thermal imagery-allows the audience to imagine feeling heat or cold.


Kinesthetic – uses words that help your audience associate sensations with muscle strain. Ex. muscle cramps, constricted chest, the struggle for air.


Organic– imagery uses words that call for the feelings of hunger, dizziness, nausea

Combinations of imagery


Action: The final call is for personal commitment and specific acts.



Attention Step:I.Doctors can cure now all forms of cancer.

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear these words announced one day (Question)?
  2. I am sure you have heard of someone or you know of someone who has had

to deal withcancer. No doubt you have heard of some celebrity losing his bout with cancer

(Relate Topic).

  1. Afteruncovering amonth’s worth of research pertaining to cancer and the way in which so many peoplesuffer, I wassurprised to uncover promising information pertaining to an area of research calledstem cell research (Credibility Statement).
  2. Basically, stem cell can grow back the new nerves or the section of the brainthat was diseased. This is favorable news about stem cell research. It helps in battling debilitatingdiseases.Stem cell research aids in saving lives.


Need Step:II.People in the U.S. suffering from debilitating diseases would benefit from stem cell

research, if it were allowed.

  1. Various groups or individuals in America continually rally to block any chance of there ever

beingan opportunity to improve the overall health of individuals suffering from debilitating diseases.

  1. Key officials in the US government oppose stem cell research.
  2. Many people will suffer from a suffer from a sickness that can be debilitating, however if

allowed,stem cell research would introduce promising options for people suffering from s



Satisfaction Step:   III. If the American public would speak out these few people would not be able to make a decision for

the American people.

  1. The people who oppose stem cell research only make up 10% of those who oppose it.

What about the other 90% of the people? Where do they stand on this issue?

  1. Parts of the American public are not aware of the importance of this research.
  2. If the American public was more informed concerning how stem cell research has been shown to

have helped people suffering from Parkinson as well as Alzheimer, no doubt, they would speak


  1. Stem cell research can help women to become pregnant who without the assistance would never

be able to have children.

  1. Various groups oppose stem cell research because cells are used from a human fetus.

Visualization Step:IV. Frequently those silent Americans who choose to remain silent may be some of the very ones

who can make a difference in the way America responds to such a promising discovery such as

stem cell research.

  1. A nationwide survey showed that 50% of the men have positive opinions about stem cell

researchbut they feel that their voice will not be heard.

  1. Another nationwide survey revealed that in the poorer communities information concerning

stemresearch is not broadcast.

Action Step:          V. It is every American’s right to be informed as well as to exercise his or her free speech.

No select political group should be able to make decisions that affect the quality of your

Life. It is therefore imperative that from here on that you avail yourself to the facts concerning the

amazing research uncovered concerning the renewed hope that science is continually uncovering

about stem cell research. Write your politicians


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