The Phoenix Project

Write a 1-2 page response for each of the questions below. Please use references from the book to explain your responses.

  1. As an IT Manager, explain the value and the problem with having a resource like Brent.
  2. Why is it important to have a change agent/sponsor like Bill on your project/in your organization?
  3. Describe what the roles/responsibilities of the following characters at beginning of the Phoenix Project in comparison to what they were at the end.
    • Steve Masters, CEO, acting CIO
    • Bill Palmer, VP of IT Operations, former Director of Midrange Technology Operations
    • Wes Davis, Director of Distributed Technology Operations
    • Brent Geller, Lead Engineer
    • Patty McKee, Director of IT Service Support
    • John Pesche, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  4. How are traditional roles in IT shifting in the book and in the IT industry as whole?
  5. Explain each of the “3 Ways” and how you can apply them in the role of an IT Project manager
  6. Explain traditional IT project management, Agile project management, and how/when each of these should be used in IT Project Management
  7. Organizations are transforming how they manage IT projects and IT capabilities by transitioning to DevOps? Explain what DevOps is and how did the shift to this methodology lead to success for Parts unlimited?


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