Surfing experiences and life of Duke Kahanamoku

Create an Annotated Bibliography for five of the sources (not class readings) you found for your research papers.

At least 4 of your sources should be about the surfing experiences and life of Duke Kahanamoku.
The fifth source can be about either Finnegan or Kahanamoku.
Your main source on Finnegan will be our class text Barbarian Days.
Instructions for Annotation (Descriptive paragraph for each source):

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Surfing experiences and life of Duke Kahanamoku
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Make sure each annotation is at least 4 sentences long and answers the following questions in one unified paragraph (that does not recopy the questions):

1) What is the main argument of the source?

2) Who are the author’s and do they have the authority to speak on this subject?

3) What evidence is given to support the argument?

4) How will you use this source in your research paper? In which section of your research paper will you use this source?

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