Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis

This is where you will upload your presentation as a zoom recorded .mp4 file. The presentation is 20-25 min and includes an overview of findings from published research articles. Therefore, you are not to use data from web sites such as webmd, or similar. It is also appropriate to present primarily results (graphs, charts, figures, etc). Do not present in a manner of “study one showed…study two showed…study three showed….” you need to find a way to tie or group the studies together based on the findings or methodology and present the findings in an organized fashion based on the topics or main points you would like to cover.

For example–if I am presenting on intermittent fasting and exercise performance, I would not present findings from study 1, then methods and findings from study 2, and then methods and findings from study 3. Instead, I would group the studies I have found based on the methods or findings and present those that investigated impact on aerobic exercise performance….then I would present findings from studies dealing with resistance training performance, finally, I would present findings from miscellaneous athletic events. this is just an example.

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Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis
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Another important point as I have discussed previously in an announcement – do not over emphasize methods of a study. do not have entire slides with methods from studies- you can briefly BRIEFLY include methods but most of your talk is presenting the data & findings.

Do not put anecdotal or hypothetical findings in your presentation such as ” a friend of mine benefitted from this diet” or something similar. your findings need to be from academic peer reviewed published research studies. I have attached my grading rubric and it is the same rubric that I use for my ESS 5306 advanced exercise physiology class.

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