Single parenting


Sensitive Topic Report                                                                                    40 points   A professional presentation and research paper will be presented and written on an in-service topic that addresses sensitive issues that could be part of parent education.  The instructor must approve all topics.   Possible Topics   Adoption   Making Friends   Single Parenting   Helping children deal with loss (death)   Gender Issues/Sexuality   Special Needs-Emotional   Dealing w/Difficult Children   Grandparents Raising Children   Special Needs-Physical   Discipline   Being Different   Transition-Moving   Divorce   Avoiding Power Struggles   Transitions-New Baby   Family Violence   Sibling Rivalry   Transitions-Separation      Provide the following in a written paper   1.  _____ how the information relates to working with families   2.  _____ Key points of information related to the topic.   3.  _____ Typical concerns of the parent, child and teacher.   4.  _____ Strategies and/or resources for families and teachers.   5.  _____ following APA format accurately cite, identify a minimum of 3 quality references in the bibliography.   6.  _____ The paper must be at least 4 typed pages.

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Single parenting
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