Reflection on the book “What the Eyes Don’t See”

The main objective of this assignment is to use the summary-critique skills (in the files) . Your paper will be graded with the Summary-Critique Rubric (in the files).
As how to work on this assignment, you have two options. Choose ONE OPTION.

Option One:

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Reflection on the book “What the Eyes Don’t See”
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1. Pick a topic that was dealt with in the book. Write a short summary. Your summary should be related to the topic only.

2.Write a short critique

Example: “What the Eyes Don’t See” is about many topics, such as resilience, discrimination, science, looking for the truth, science-based research, government, defeatism, hope, resistance ….etc.

Let’s say, you choose ‘science-based research’. Your summary should be on what the author told us about using science to solve the Flint, MI water crisis. Your critique should be on what you think about science-based research. Do you think that we have to use science to fight health problems. You may include examples that relate to your real-life situations.

Option Two

1.Pick a chapter

2.Write a summary of the chapter and a short critique of the same chapter.

How You Will Be Graded

1. Your paper should follow the summary-critique format:

Introduction: Introduce the topic, cite the author and book, Thesis statement

Summary Part

Critique Part



NOTE: Include ‘Option One’ or “Option Two” in your paper.

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