Recreational therapy


Students are to develop a formal group program in your allocated organisational setting, using the framework provided in class. Students are to undertake any assessments that may be required to develop a baseline for therapeutic recreation intervention. Based on the outcomes of the assessments, you are to plan, implement and evaluate a therapeutic recreation program in the setting with a participant group. The assessment will help you to identify the group’s needs. In conjunction with the organisation’s needs, the participant needs and aspirations you are then to design a therapeutic recreation program for implementation.

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Recreational therapy
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Please note whilst you are on placement you may participate in and plan many programs. This written report only needs to talk about one program and not communicate everything you completed on placement.

The program is to have an overall goal, with objectives appropriate for the health domains and 2-3 sessions for implementation. You will implement the program then evaluate the program. Please note it is expected that you are applying principles of TR learnt to date and using appropriate TR and health language.

You need to evaluate the groups progress in relation to their objectives, evaluate the program plan itself and evaluate yourself as the practitioner. You have already completed the organisational information in Part A of this assessment, so it is not required to be submitted again.

This report needs to be written as a professional report with the following headings as below.

1. Contents Page

2. Group Profile (200 words) – Describe the members of the group ( numbers, conditions, background) – Secondary problem identified requiring intervention

3. Group Participant Program (100 words)

Group Goal

Group objectives ( 2 objectives)

4. Evidence/literature to support program implementation (100 words)( (TR program chosen and participants condition)

5. Session Plans ( 100 words) Add all session plans in appendix

6. Evaluation (200 words)

Group evaluation (how would you measure when the objectives are met)

Program evaluation (was this the correct modality to reach the objectives)

Therapeutic recreation practitioner evaluation (reflect and rate your performance)

6. Conclusion and Recommendations (100 words) Based on all the information provided in your evaluation section, each student should make a justified recommendation about the future of the program evaluated. Should the program continue in its current form or should the program be discontinued? Justify your decision using evidence from above.

7. References (not included in the word count)

8. Appendices

Completed participant assessments

Session Plans (2-3 sessions)

Surveys or other data collection methods (only if used)

Photos if taken(only if used)

Other relevant information (only if used)

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