Poverty and economic injustice

3-4 pages (plus a separate Works Cited page)
3 outside authoritative sources (at least)
MLA style format

You will be required to research an issue related to the theme of this class, Social Issues and Global Justice, and write a formal 3-4 page paper (plus an extra Works Cited page).

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Poverty and economic injustice
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INTRODUCTION: Your introduction should provide a road map, or overview, of what your main points are going to be. The essay should have a clear thesis statement that sets out an angle (your subjective opinion) about the issue that you will attempt to prove in the rest of the paper.


BODY: The rest of your (at least 4) paragraphs should provide different reasons of why your thesis is true. Each paragraph should develop only one main idea, and flow into the next paragraph. Prove your argument by presenting the evidence from your outside research that has led you to hold the opinion that you do. Make sure that you relate every detail you include to your main point, or thesis, and show how it strengthens your case.


CONCLUSION: The conclusion at the end of your essay should review your major points and round your argument. You should restate your thesis to remind readers what the essence of your point is, but please find a new way in your conclusion of saying the same (or almost the same) things. I am looking for your own well-constructed argument, informed by clearly documented outside reading.


WORKS CITED PAGE: Please make sure that you cited your 3 sources in perfect MLA style.

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