Persuasive speech (Convincing or Actuating)

-_Speech on being for corporal punishment
-Can not use Wikipedia or, or e-how
-Must choose and list organizational pattern: cause-effect, problem-solution, or Monroe’s motivated sequence
-outline must have 4 sections: intro, body, conclusion and bibliography. Each section must have appropriate heading in
– Intro and Conclusion must have capital letters next to each of the elements in the section. Each element must be on a separate line.
-Main points must have Roman numerals
**Intro must have attention grabber, credibility, thesis and proposition
-one organizational pattern
-2 to 3 main points, each main point has 2 to 5 supporting points

Conclusion must restate proposition, write the appeal, challenge and or action and last include thank you. Elements must be separate and have an uppercase letter next to it.

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Persuasive speech (Convincing or Actuating)
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