News Media Map Review

In this paper you will explore different ways the news media represents regions of the world. I will need a photo attached to the paper that shows the map that was used as a reference.

-The paper adequately states and defends an argument throughout the paper. Introduction and conclusion used to highlight/resolve the thesis. The paper answers counter arguments and counter examples. The argument is based on good logic and premise.

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News Media Map Review
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-Evidence is correctly used to support the argument and uses correct citation form.
-Applies prior and new knowledge to determine geographical setting to interpret the data. Explicitly analyzes influence of sources and context.
-Map has a clear visual representation of the data that is explained in the body of the paper. The key, labeling and facts are correct. The map is visually appealing.
-The paper is interestingly written with good language use. Conclusions and transitions present in each paragraph.

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